Peter Rožič SJ

Peter Rožič SJ has been JESC’s director since September 17, 2017. He also acts as Social Apostolate Delegate for the Conference of European Provincials. A Slovenian national, Fr. Rožič holds a PhD in Political Science from Georgetown University. Before arriving in Brussels, he was an assistant professor at the University of Ljubljana and rector of the Residential College in Maribor. See his Curriculum Vitae.




Martin Maier SJ

Martin Maier SJ is JESC’s Secretary for European Affairs, a role involving networking and relationship building with individuals and groups within the European Institutions. Fr. Maier previously worked as editor of the magazine “Stimmen der Zeit“, rector of a European Jesuit Formation Centre, and pastor to a rural community in El Salvador. An expert in theologies of liberation, he is a guest professor at the Central American University.

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Maria Carla Bostiancic

Maria Carla Bostiancic oversees JESC’s cross-functional operations, ensuring organisational performance in human resources, budget and legal compliance. Maria Carla is a lawyer graduated with honours in Argentina, while additionally obtaining a Fulbright scholarship in Leadership (U.S.) and a Master’s Degree in Bioethics (Spain). She has worked in health, education and technology sectors and is passionate about business ethics and compliance.





Jaime Camacho

Jaime Camacho has been the Communications Officer Intern at JESC since early March 2018. He studied Journalism at the University of Navarra in Spain, a renowned institution for communication studies. Following graduation, Jaime moved to Brussels to cover European affairs as a correspondent. He is passionate about politics and EU affairs and specialized in R&D, Energy, Agriculture and Fisheries, among other topics.





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Iciar Villacieros

Iciar Villacieros was JESC’s Programme Manager. Iciar holds a PhD in psychology and international migration. She had worked as a professor at the University of Comillas, in Madrid. She has also been Coordinator of the Higher Education for Social Transformation (HEST) Project within the network of Jesuits Universities. Iciar worked as a psychologist in Spain, Perú and Chile.




Emmanuelle Devuyst

Emmanuelle Devuyst, trained in International and Human Rights law, was JESC’s advocacy adviser.  She has a particular expertise in issues relating to natural resources, in particular conflict minerals. Prior to JESC, Emmanuelle had worked for an organisation campaigning for gender equality.






Henry Longbottom

Henry Longbottom, with a background in environmental and planning law, was primarily engaged in JESC’s work on justice and natural resources. Henry had graduated from Oxford University and pursued a career as a lawyer in the City of London.





José Ignacio Garcia SJ

José Ignacio Garcia SJ led the Jesuit European Social Centre from 2012 to 2016 (and its transition from OCIPE since 2009), conducting research and advocacy on migration, climate change and social justice. During this time he also coordinated work of the Jesuit Social Ministry in Europe, assisting and promoting the Jesuit charities and organisations seeking to help vulnerable and marginalized people. Fr. Garcia currently serves as a Regional Director of JRS Europe.

Claude Debbichi worked for JESC and OCIPE for over 31 years. She was JESC’s main administrator. She studied archaeology and kept an interest in Christian-Muslim relations.

Previous team members of JESC and of OCIPE (predecessor to JESC): to be published soon



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