Martin Maier SJ  JESC Director & Secretary for European Affairs

Martin Maier SJ is JESC’s Secretary for European Affairs.  His role involves networking and relationship building with individuals and groups within the European Institutions.  He has previously worked as editor of the magazine “Stimmen der Zeit”, rector of a European Jesuit Formation Centre, and pastor to a rural community in El Salvador. An expert in theologies of liberation, he is a guest professor at the Central American University in San Salvador.  Since the departure in January 2017 of José Ignacio Garcia SJ (who is now head of JRS Europe), Martin has served as JESC’s acting director.


Tel: +32 (0) 2 737 97 22


Emmanuelle Devuyst Advocacy Adviser

Emmanuelle Devuyst trained in International and Human Rights law and is JESC’s advocacy adviser.  She has a particular expertise in issues relating to natural resources, in particular conflict minerals.  Prior to JESC, Emmanuelle worked for an organisation campaigning for gender equality.


Tel+32 (0) 2 737 97 21



Henry Longbottom SJ

Henry Longbottom SJ has a background in environmental and planning law and is currently primarily engaged in JESC’s work on justice and natural resources.


Tel+32 (0) 2 737 97 23




Claude Debbichi
Office Manager

Claude Debbichi is JESC’s office manager. She studied archaeology and has an interest in Christian-Muslim relations.


Tel+32 (0) 2 737 97 20




Paula Sendín
Communications Officer

Paula Sendín is JESC’s communication Officer.  She is fluent in Spanish, French and English.


Tel+32 (0) 2 737 97 26