Yellow Vests, the end is close

We have seen the yellow vests on the streets of Paris seeking lower taxes on fuel, and they were right.  We have seen them protesting on Saturdays to save paid […]

Chronical of a special day at JESC

“Pass me the screwdriver,” says Carolinne, the marketing assistant. She is talking to me the communications person.  I leave aside the instructions book and look at the screws scattered on […]

Toxic media on women leadership

The media is the message and the messenger, and progressively an amazing one. Individuals learn more from media than any other single source of information. Therefore, if we want to […]

Lead by voicing concern in Church and Europe

Both the European Union and the Catholic Church seem to be in a crisis. Europe is facing the rise of nationalism and Brexit to mention a few. The Church is […]

Fun and videos in Santo Tirso

Well done to the students of Oficina – Professional School of Instituto Nun’Alvres in Santo Tirso, Portugal! This year the theme is ‘Blue Home’ which refers to the protection of […]

JESC Annual Report 2018

We have just published our Annual Report, a memory of the main activities, publications, projects and events that helped us in 2018 to promote vision and values for Europe. You […]

Women leaders: Europe for her 

The gender pay gap and the glass-ceiling are harsh realities for many European women. Yet, they represent only one side of the medal, the external perception of the society. What […]

Chaos and peace leadership

With the enthusiasm of the new year European and world leaders crafted both peace and justice as well as chaos and division. On January 1st, Pope Francis called for “good […]

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