Claim the Climate march

On Sunday, December 2, one day before the start of the COP24, thousands of demonstrators joined the Claim the Climate march to demand climate justice and to call on the […]

Shaping the Future of Work – Event

Last Tuesday, 27 November 2018, Giuseppe Riggio from Aggiornamenti Social and Pierre Martinot-Lagarde from International Labour Organisation visited JESC before going to the Shaping the Future of Work event, where representatives […]

The European Leadership Programme

November 16, 2018. Today we are launching the website for the European Leadership Programme (ELP). The ELP is a Brussels-based project where you, an emerging leader, will develop skills through theoretical and […]

Solidarity needs nourishment

Eco-Bites Editorial Edmond Grace SJ Brussels, Nov. 9, 2018 There is nothing abstract about solidarity. The telling of stories is its life’s blood [JS1]. Through them, we learn about particular […]

Rediscovering the European Common Good Event

Following the successful weekend at “La Pairelle”, JESC co-organised a panel discussion, along with the Chapel for Europe, who graciously hosted the event. The theme was on “Rediscovering the European […]

Spiritual Coaching Weekend for European Executives and Politicians

Technical knowledge is crucial for leaders in business and public life. However, certain personality traits, virtues, skills, and psychophysical health are necessary for us to face the everyday challenges we […]

Panel Debate: “Rediscovering the European Common Good”

On 6 November, JESC and the Chapel for Europe will host a panel debate on “Rediscovering the European Common Good”, a document drafted by the “Passion for Europe”-group. This group, […]

Visit to Strasbourg

Written by: Jaka Krajnc Exploring the inner workings of the parliament Once a month the entire European parliament hits the road for the mandatory plenary sessions in Strasbourg. This September […]

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