What do you worship?

The sentence ¨If you give space for spending time with others, magic will happen¨ was shared by a Jesuit Alumni at the Closing Reflection that marked the end of the […]

A Space for Dialogue enabled some Magic to Happen

The Weekend Seminar Call to Public Life was held from the 11th to the 13th of October in Brussels, hosted majorly by the facilities of the new Jesuit Collège Matteo […]

Inside the ELP; the European Leadership Programme

The ELP is about the personal and professional (with an EU focus) growth and opening career pathways for those youngsters recruited as Fellows. It is also a space to give […]

Launch of the Second Edition of the ELP; the Fellows are in Brussels

The Second Cohort of the European Leadership Programme started on the last weekend of September. The eight new, young leaders were recruited from different European countries such as Italy, Hungary, […]

Advocates of Hope Confront Climate Change

The Climate Change movement is rapidly taking shape: from voices in the air to a solid mobilization around the globe. Around 150 countries were involved in the global demonstrations inspired […]

The Global Climate Strike

The Climate Strike was about four million people around the world walking out of work or leaving school to walk the streets and engage in meetings and other activities of […]

“Europe and the long-term global challenges” – La Pairelle 2019

September 13-15 2019, La Pairelle, Namur, Belgium. The weekend-long spiritual and theological workshop at La Pairelle near Namur, has concluded. This year’s topic on “Europe and the long-term global challenges” […]

Inspirational Leadership

“Life is a risk, if you haven’t risked anything, you haven’t lived” – Sister Emmanuelle During the last century, the concept of leadership has evolved from being power-centered and defined in […]

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