Climate Change – more than an ecological issue

Climate Change is one of the most dangerous existential menaces the world has ever faced. Its repercussions go well beyond global warming – which is one of its consequences – […]

Sacred, Polluted Rivers

Since ancient times, the South Asia region has welcomed different religions and cultures. Today, the region includes countries like India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh which dazzle with their socio-cultural diversity. The […]

Eco-Bites Editorial

Your editor is from Dublin, Ireland, a city of approximately one million people. The city of Harare in Zimbabwe is more than four times that size and in recent weeks […]

The Promise of a New Agreement

How likely is a visit of Pope Francis to the land of China? Stephan Rothlin SJ discussed this current topic when he was hosted by the Jesuit European Social Center […]

Fostering dialogue between religious or non-confessional actors and the European Parliament

Fearghas O’Beara, a European Parliament official, visited JESC on the 13th of June to expound to the ELP fellows […]

Venezuela, “It is never too early to talk about reconciliation”

Interview with Gerardo Lombardi, Director of the Jesuit Radio Fe y Alegría Director Lombardi, what is the mission of Radio Fe y Alegría? Fe y Alegría is an educational institution […]

Visiting the European Parliament

Martin Schulz, former leader of the EU Parliament group “Socialists and Democrats” (S&D), once said that “for many people, politics in Brussels and Strasbourg might as well be happening on […]

Spirituality, justice and leadership of a Pilgrim

Dear Friends, Happy Feast of St Ignatius of Loyola. St. Ignatius called himself a Pilgrim. After conversion, Ignatius’ life and mission consisted of a never-ending pilgrimage towards the Love of […]

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