Integral changes without conflict

Laudato Si’ is an Encyclical Letter of Pope Francis that lays down an interesting perspective on ecological and societal factors as causes of global changes, such as migration. Even though […]

Better together, with the Excluded

What does walking with the excluded mean for us? It means walking alongside the vulnerable, no matter where they might be: Syria, Africa, America… or Brussels. It means spending our […]

Social Apostolate Delegates: This is what we do

Falenica (Poland), Mar. 31 – Apr. 3 2019 “Faith and Justice in the formation of the Jesuits”. This was the title that accompanied the European delegates from the Social and […]

A Christian voice for the voiceless

It was an innovative initiative: eight Christian social justice organizations, all based in Brussels, entered into extensive dialogue with two members of the European Parliament: Klaus Buchner from the Greens […]

Be kind in a practical way

Why waking up at 5 am every Monday and going to the Gare du Nord in Brussels to serve breakfast for the refugees is the best way to kick off […]

Frans van der Lugt SJ – his last message

On 7 April 2019 it will be five years since the Dutch Jesuit Frans van der Lugt was murdered in Homs, Syria. He died at the age of 75. To […]

Love, hate and reconciliation in Syria

When I learnt of Father Frans van der Lugt SJ’s death I was tempted to hate. I could imagine his killers – their faces, their features, the colour of their […]

We stand with the migrants deported from America

“In all of our work, we aim to lift up the voices of people on the margins,” said Ted Penton SJ, Secretary of Justice and Ecology, at the Jesuit Conference […]

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