An old house for new ideas

Ten years ago the Alvim Family inherited the family farm, Casa Velha, from their parents. This was where they spent their childhood. Casa Velha – ‘Old House’ – is situated […]

Finding God in a Leaf

“Finding God in a Leaf” was written by Brian Grogan SJ. It is a series of guided meditations written as short daily paragraphs, leading to a deep understanding of the […]

Discerning the answers to populism and Brexit

Talking about ‘good discernment’ sounds as if you mean making good decisions. But it is much more than that.  It’s about changing our whole way of thinking – and eventually […]

A long journey with EU youth

Sometimes we talk to young people, really listen to what they say?  In the adult world, young are taken seriously only if they are IT geniuses, sports stars or potentially […]

Yellow Vests, the end is close

We have seen the yellow vests on the streets of Paris seeking lower taxes on fuel, and they were right.  We have seen them protesting on Saturdays to save paid […]

Chronical of a special day at JESC

“Pass me the screwdriver,” says Carolinne, the marketing assistant. She is talking to me the communications person.  I leave aside the instructions book and look at the screws scattered on […]

Toxic media on women leadership

The media is the message and the messenger, and progressively an amazing one. Individuals learn more from media than any other single source of information. Therefore, if we want to […]

Lead by voicing concern in Church and Europe

Both the European Union and the Catholic Church seem to be in a crisis. Europe is facing the rise of nationalism and Brexit to mention a few. The Church is […]

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