Charlie Chilufya at JESC

Economic Stimulus is Not Enough: The poor and the vulnerable in Africa Need Relief...

In the wake of COVID-19, something must be done, else people in Africa will fall back into poverty and many people in Africa will...

The Story of the Two Plagues in Venice

"This story has been told by so many different people in so many ways and so many different times, and in so many different...

Don´t give up hope! Insights from Laudato Sí in times of crisis

In the present situation of confusion and dismay, a first thought should go to the victims of the corona pandemic. There is so much...
Charlie Chilufya at JESC

The African Economy is “Infected”: The Economic Impact of COVID-19 is Worsening Poverty in...

In the last three weeks or so, a common trend has emerged in many African capitals just like elsewhere. Travelers, for both work and...



During this time, many events such as Masses have been made accessible online. We have gathered a series of events in various languages that may be interesting in this period.

Our Partners

"Starting over, with a different outlook." - Giacomo Costa for Aggiornamenti Sociali explains that in every crisis the future comes in the form of a need for change.

Our Easter newsletter is out with more news of hope for this season

"Starting over, with a different outlook." - Giacomo Costa for Aggiornamenti Sociali explains that in every crisis the future comes in the form of a need for change.

Our Easter newsletter is out with more news of hope for this season

Staying informed is one of the measures to counterattack the pandemic.

We share the list elaborated by COMECE - The Catholic Church in the EU to contribute to the efforts of the European External Action Service anti-disinformation taskforce EUvsDisinfo against fakenews that undermine the EU Project. It is divided into three categories: “Health, Research & Innovation”, “Economy” and “Travel and Transportation.”

"From Home to the World's Heart"

We are united, distant but close. In the presence of our God of Love & Communion who does not abandon us. God sees us a Fraternity, a big Family. [ES] A prayer vigil has been prepared by the Social Sector of the Society of Jesus in Spain. Here you will find testimonies of light & hope, prayers, music, and poems revealing the world in the COVID-19 era from the perspective of the outcasts.

“Let us remain united” - Churches call for a solid commitment to common European values amidst the pandemic.

Presidents of the COMECE - The Catholic Church in the EU, and the Conference of European Churches (CEC) have issued a joint statement to express their deep gratitude for those serving relentlessly and those emerging collective and individual initiatives of solidarity.

Words from a Jesuit Community in Quarantine

Fr. Ted Penton SJ experienced COVID-19 symptoms but tested negative. He talks about his favorite hits and those video calls which he is grateful for these days.

Greetings from the Office of European Provincials

Message of solidarity and prayer from Fr Franck Janin SJ, President of the Conference of European Provincials

Pray as you go; music, scripture and some questions for reflection.

A daily prayer session, designed to go with you wherever you stay. A framework for your own prayer. A wonderful initiative by Jesuits in Britain.

GIAN Migration Network Statement of Solidarity with Refugees and Migrants in the era of Covid-19

"The stranger who resides with you, you shall look upon as one of your people and love him as yourself" (Lev. 19:34). Evacuate overcrowded refugees camps, stop deportations and prioritize access to medical attention for displaced persons." These are just a few recommendations coming from the Global Ignatian Advocacy Network on Migration that released a univocal statement on forced migration during the pandemic. This involves the efforts of the six world spread Conferences of the Society of Jesus and the Jesuit Refugee Service.

(HR) Meditations by Mijo Nikić SJ

Fr. Mijo Nikić SJ. Social Apostolate Delegate from Croatia, on belief and faith in the face of the pandemic, and on how to handle it spiritually.

Arturo Sosa SJ, Superior General, reflects on the current crisis

¨The current spirit of COVID-19 is showing us many things. [...] It is lighting up various aspects on our path to God. [...] First of all, it is showing us that we are one humanity, every human being.¨ Father Arturo Sosa SJ, our Superior General takes time to address us with a message of hope. He reflects on the underlying humanity to the crisis and reminds us of what it is teaching us, about ourselves and our world.

Closer Through Crisis & Closer Through Music

As part of the preventive measures, attending concert hall performances is no longer a short term leisure-for-pleasure` possibility. Nevertheles, Collegium Vocale Gent gives us the opportunity to enjoy Bach’s St. John’s Passion general rehearsal, recorded on Friday 13 March at the Concertgebouw Bruges.

WANTED: Volunteers for the food bank Antwerp-Mechelen-Turnhout

We are looking for volunteers who do not belong to a high-risk group and can make themselves available two (half) days a week. Volunteers can help in two places: Local distribution points, and the umbrella organisation's depot, where supplies to the food banks are coordinated. Click "Read more" for details and to sign up!

E-Seminar: Catholic Social Thought and the Coronavirus Crisis

The coronavirus pandemic is a moral crisis, raising fundamental questions [...]. We want to offer you the possibility to join an online Public Dialogue on "Catholic Social Thought and the Coronavirus Crisis" on 26 March, at 4:00 p.m. "Read more" for further information and registration!

JESC Thoughts

Edmond Grace SJ shares one of his poems from ´Mad Messiah`

"In this Good Friday poem, the person addressed is Samson, after he brings the temple of the Philistines crashing down on himself and his enemies."

Video: Interview with Dr. Epiphane KINHOUN SJ who has been stranded in Europe for 10 days.

"The coronavirus does not affect one category of people. That is the first lesson to be learned." - Dr. Epiphane Kinhoun SJ

Video: Let Light shine out of Darkness (2 Cor4:6)

"Chillingness and darkness are no strangers to us in these days. Yet there is always a chance for us to come #CloserThroughCrisis." - Peter Rožič, SJ

Video: Start a New Day

"If we cannot go outside, we go inside. If we cannot go further, we go deeper." Peter Rožič, SJ invites us to wake up in the morning and avoid social media, news or emails, just thinking of what inspires us.

Video: Celebrating the feast of the Annunciation

"Mary is visited by a light that comes down from Heaven, from above [...]. We think of angels as they bring us this light, and we can see angels in this crisis, particularly in those who serve us and who are sacrificing their lives so that others might live, as they cure those who are affected or infected [...]." Peter Rožič SJ uses the painting by Henry Ossawa Tanner to refer to the crisis. Those who are on the frontline of the COVID-19 outbreak, helping the sick are the heavenly light announcing relief and peace is to come.

Video: JESC Director Peter Rožič SJ on practicing virtue in times of crisis

"This crisis must and will end! Practicing virtue and being the light in this confinement is extremely challenging yet necessary for community, leadership and happiness in the long term." In this video, JESC director Peter Rožič SJ reflects on the challenges, spiritual needs and leadership requirements in the current crisis