European Affairs

As Secretary for European Affairs, Fr Martin Maier SJ coordinates JESC’s interaction with individuals and groups connected to the life and activities of the European Institutions. JESC’s European Affairs role entails facilitating discussion and reflection of European issues through means of meetings, seminars, conferences, workshops and publishing articles.  Our hope is to encourage strategies and ways of thinking that favour of the common good and the interests of the marginalised and the environment.

A specific activity includes the Economics and Catholic Social Teaching Group consisting of about 15 European Commission economists who meet once a month to reflect on faith issues in relation to their work.  They discuss challenges such as poverty in Europe, freedom of expression, and faith. Set up by Fr Frank Turner SJ in 2014, Fr Martin Maier SJ continues as a permanent member of this group, and facilitates reflection on what it means to be a Christian and a professional economist working in the Europeans Institutions.

JESC European Affairs Team

Martin Maier SJ
Henry Longbottom SJ