Spiritual Training for Leaders and Businessmen

Peter Rožič SJ

Being up-to-date with the latest novelty is of key importance for leaders for their job and requires a lot of work during their private time. We too often forget that the psychophysical well-being is vital for us to face the difficulties we go up against in our work.

We may find ourselves trying to push the anxieties away, thinking that we can manage them tomorrow. Unfortunately, time passes by and this moment never comes.

The weight of our daily responsibilities may constrain us to dismiss our dreams, we tend to very easily give up on physical and mental rest, accumulating a considerable amount of stress.

This is how we slowly become strangers to ourselves.

Wise people are gifted with deep spirituality; they can easily be in contact with their most profound selves. They can live happily without dramatic moments of hesitation.

The comprehension of our minds and soul enables us to react calmly and smartly to the difficulties in both our own and business lives.

The Jesuits welcome you to join to a time of retreat, transcendental reflection and activities that will make you discover, or rediscover yourself.

Amid this retreat, which is explicitly addressed to leaders, politicians and entrepreneurs, there will be the opportunity to look into oneself in order to be refreshed and perhaps reborn personally, spiritually, and professionally.

During the retreat, we will explore our deepest selves with the help of experienced spiritual guides. We will have five days of ascetic practices, silence, and work, so as to return to our busy lives, renewed and refreshed.

Directed by Peter Rožič SJ PhD, Jože Roblek SJ PhD and Miran Žvanut SJ LTh

Dates: April 25th – 28th

Location: A beautiful monastery Glavotok on the coastline of Krk, Croatia

Info and registration: duhovni.trening@gmail.com or +386 (0)70 499 850