Jaka Kranjc

Jaka Kranjc is JESC’s European Leadership Programme Assistant Coordinator. He runned the ELP on a day-to-day basis, and assisted in coordinating relations with institutions, academic partners and applicants. He is currently finishing his Master’s degree in political science from the University of Ljubljana.

Carolinne Silva

Carolinne Rapiso Silva was JESC’s Marketing and Events Assistant. She worked on developing marketing strategies, social media campaigns and event planning. Carolinne has a Bachelor degree in Translation of English and French and a Master degree in Marketing, both from University of Aveiro, Portugal. She is passionate about Human Rights, Event Management and Communication.

Maria Verdugo Martin

María Verdugo Martin is JESC’s Justice and Ecology Research Assistant, was working on ecology and sustainability. She studied International Relations and Translation & Interpreting at the Universidad Pontificia de Comillas in Madrid. Previously, she worked as a Public Affairs intern at Kreab in Spain and as a translator for a Jesuit publishing house in Mexico City. She is passionate about politics, EU affairs, lobbying and advocacy.

Ricardo Zaragoza

Ricardo Zaragoza is JESC’s Photography and Video Assistant. He worked on communication strategy, promoting the activities of JESC externally through pictures and videos on the social media channels and our newsletters. He has a Bachelor Degree in Advertisement and Public Relations from the Catholic University of Murcia. He is a professional photographer and he has a long experience working for youth projects and NGOs in Spain.

Susan Dabbous

Susan Dabbous was JESC’s Communications Assistant. She worked on the editing of JESC newsletters and the coordination of internal and external communication activities. Susan has been the Middle East Correspondent for Avvenire newspaper and has a degree in Political Science from La Sapienza University in Rome. She’s the author of several publications, including “La ragazza di Homs”, a novel about Syrian refugees. Before focusing on the Middle East, she spent time reporting on migration, environment, racism and integration.