Peter Rožič SJ

Peter Rožič SJ has been JESC’s director since September 2017. He also acts as Social Apostolate Delegate for the Conference of European Provincials. A Slovenian national, Fr. Rožič holds a PhD in Political Science from Georgetown University. Before arriving in Brussels, he was an assistant professor at the University of Ljubljana and rector of the Residential College in Maribor.  Email: peter.rozic@jesc.eu

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Botond Feledy

Botond Feledy is currently serving as the Secretary for Leadership at JESC, in particular, managing the European Leadership Programme. He worked in the Hungarian province of the Jesuits as rector of St Ignatius College, later as director of the Institute for Social Reflection. In 2017 he was elected as member of the #NewEurope100. He is juris doctor, alumni of SciencesPo, GMF, IVLP and DAAD. Email: botond.feledy@jesc.eu

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Emond Grace SJ

Edmond Grace SJ is JESC’s Secretary for Ecology, a role involving training, editorial and research work on integral ecology and the promotion of justice. He studied law in Trinity College Dublin and Columbia University. He has lectured on law and political theory and is on the Advisory Group for Ireland’s National Dialogue on Climate Action. He is Coordinator of the Venice Faith & Politics Workshop. Email: edmond.grace@jesc.eu

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Luciano Larivera SJ

Luciano Larivera SJ is JESC’s Secretary for European Affairs, a role involving networking and relationship building with individuals and groups within the European Institutions. Fr. Larivera has a background working as journalist, covering news from international affairs to economy.  Email: luciano.larivera@jesc.eu 

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Eleonora Vitale

Eleonora Vitale is JESC Development Manager. She is a Multilingual Project Manager, passionate about the NGOs world with particular reference to Development, Networking and Fundraising. She collaborates with the Director and Deputy Director to create a development plan and to provide strategic opportunities for increased fundraising and development of JESC and the related networks. She covers JESC institutional relations, EU and private Grant management, team management and volunteer engagement. Eleonora holds a bachelor degree in International and Diplomatic Science from Università degli Studi di Trieste, holds a Double Degree Master’s in International politics and Economic Relations from the University of Macerata and in International Public and Business Administration from MGIMO University, Moscow. Email: eleonora.vitale@jesc.eu

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Gianmarco Palermo

Gianmarco Palermo is the European Leadership Programme Officer and the Justice Assistant at JESC. He supports the Social Apostolate Coordinator and the operations of the European Leadership Programme. Former fellow of the ELP, he holds a Master’s Degree in International Relations at the Alma Mater Studiorum – Università di Bologna. He spent visiting periods at the Universitetet i Bergen, the Université du Luxembourg and the University of Technology of Sydney. In Australia, he worked as a Project Manager, leading an international team of more than sixty people. As a globetrotter, he visited more than fifty countries and he loves running, reading, playing chess and international politics. Email: gianmarco.palermo@jesc.eu

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Soraia Ribeiro

Soraia Ribeiro is JESC’s Communications Officer. She supports JESC communication activities through the production of written and audio-visual communication materials. Soraia holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication and Journalism and a Master’s Degree in International Studies. Before joining JESC, she worked as a Press and Communications trainee in the United Nations Information Centre and in the European Parliament. She has a background working in journalism and communication agencies. Soraia believes organizations have a role to play in promoting human and social rights and in advocating for justice and equality. Email: soraia.ribeiro@jesc.eu

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Telmo Olascoaga

Telmo Olascoaga Michel is JESC´s Junior Ecology Officer and works at the intersection between Ecology, International Economics, Public Policy and Justice. Telmo holds a Double BA in Law and Business Management from the University of Deusto and a Double Master’s Degree in International Relations and International Political Economy from King´s College London. A former Trainee at the European External Action Service, he has previously worked on Human Rights and European Governance and is passionate about International Development, Green Economics and Transnational Law. Email: telmo.olascoaga@jesc.eu