We care for our common home as pointed out by Pope Francis in the Encyclical Laudato Si’. We offer analysis and practical steps to preserve our planet.

JESC supports the advocacy work on integral ecology of Jesuits and partners under the umbrella of EcoJesuit through the work of translation and launched “Eco-bites”, our ecology newsletter. JESC took part in the 2018 Annual Ecojesuit Meeting, in Bogotá and Leticia, Colombia, on August 1st, to discuss cooperation and knowledge exchange between the organisations represented at the meeting of the Global Ignatian Advocacy Network (GIAN). On July 12th, JESC attended the “Environmental Sustainability Transitions” event organised by the European Parliamentary Research Service (EPRS). Finally, the JESC Eco-Team has joined the Ecological Cluster of the HEST programme (Higher Education for 3 Social Transformation). Together with staff members from a number of Jesuit educational institutes from around Europe and the Near East they are collaborating in a research project on food waste. Edmond Grace SJ became JESC Secretary for Justice and Ecology.



The Story of the Two Plagues in Venice

"This story has been told by so many different people in so many ways and so many different times, and in so many different places. It is the story of humanity." Let us journey together through Venice Canals while Fr. Edmond Grace SJ reflects on the gift of life.

Stories Build Our Common Home

In our December editorial - ‘Stories and Friends’ – we talked of how accepting ‘the reality’ of climate change is not enough. Our ‘acceptance’ needs depth.  We can read reports, we can learn about the science – and the politics! – but that will never change what we do....

Charter for Change: The EU Green Deal and the contribution of religious actors

On the 28th of January, at the European Parliament, in the framework of Parliament's Article 17 dialogue with religious and non-confessional European organisations, First Vice President Mairead McGuinness called on JESC Secretary of Ecology Edmond Grace SJ to briefly present developments in the Common Home Dialogue that was first...

Annual Meeting of EcoJesuit

The people in this photo come from from Latin America, North America, Europe and India and the Philippines. They are in Mumbai for the annual meeting of EcoJesuit. We all have experience of dealing with ecological issues as part of the Jesuit mission throughout the world,...

Eco-Bites November Editorial

The rising temperature of the planet poses a political challenge, but politics has its own kind of heat and, more and more, the promotion of climate action will call for good judgement both on the part of those who seek it and on the part of...

Fiche 25 – Le juste temps

Les fiches précédentes ont proposé des alternatives dans nos choix de vie afin de préserver l’environnement. Après « Tout cela a un prix ! » (fiche 24), posons nous maintenant pour écouter l’objection : « ça prend plus de temps ! » et regardons de plus...