We care for our common home as pointed out by Pope Francis in the Encyclical Laudato Si’. We offer analysis and practical steps to preserve our planet.

JESC supports the advocacy work on integral ecology of Jesuits and partners under the umbrella of EcoJesuit through the work of translation and launched “Eco-bites”, our ecology newsletter. JESC took part in the 2018 Annual Ecojesuit Meeting, in Bogotá and Leticia, Colombia, on August 1st, to discuss cooperation and knowledge exchange between the organisations represented at the meeting of the Global Ignatian Advocacy Network (GIAN). On July 12th, JESC attended the “Environmental Sustainability Transitions” event organised by the European Parliamentary Research Service (EPRS). Finally, the JESC Eco-Team has joined the Ecological Cluster of the HEST programme (Higher Education for 3 Social Transformation). Together with staff members from a number of Jesuit educational institutes from around Europe and the Near East they are collaborating in a research project on food waste. Edmond Grace SJ became JESC Secretary for Justice and Ecology.


Coming together to foster solidarity and overcome this crisis

Eco-Bites February Editorial The world in which we live has become very intricate. This is true of our world in general but also of the Society of Jesus. It is a by-product of the possibilities opened up by communications technology. This issue of Eco-Bites has an interview with Charles Dhinakaran...

Greening trade without a carbon tax

“This could become the mother of all trade issues if not handled right.” (R. Morningstar, Feb 2020)1 Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism (CBAM): A Nonviable but Prospective Instrument of Climate Action In line with its commitment to climate action under the Paris Agreement, the European Union (EU) aims to be climate-neutral by 2050.2 Pledging...

A Conversation with Charles Dhinakaran

Meeting our Eco-friends: Manager at the Conference Development Office of the Jesuit Conference of India and South Asia, Charles Dhinakaran joins our interview series to discuss the nexus between international development, faith and ecology. Learn about the field-work of the JCI-SA on integral ecology and the political economy of sustainable...

A Conversation with Xavier de Bénazé

Meeting our Eco-friends: Recently been appointed Laudato Si' delegate at the French West Europe Province, Xavier de Bénazé talk with us about how the Society of Jesus is embracing Ecology as a fundamental element of its mission. Qs: Let’s set the frame: Who is Xavier de Bénazé? Tell us a bit...
Farmer in sugar beet field

A new year brings a new initiative for us here in JESC

Ecojesuit is a global network which sets itself the task of 'connecting Jesuits, people and ecology.' Ecojesuit-Europe has been in existence for a year and  is now welcoming new members.