We provide educational programmes that combine politics, an experience of community, an understanding of the European institutions, spirituality and volunteering with the poor.

JESC has been asked to develop leadership in a number of ways. One of those is the preparation of the European Leadership Programme (ELP). The aim of the ELP is to form future leaders practically and spiritually by helping ELP fellows learn about the European institutions through direct contact with politicians and decision makers while they study leadership issues and earn ECTS credits.In addition, an immersion programme will bring the future leaders in touch with marginalized people and those in need. Both the coaching programme and the experience of a supportive community will give the participants space for reflexion and personal growth.

Another highlight in 2018 was the Faith & Politics Workshop in Venice which was organised by a European Jesuit network. Edmond Grace, now on the JESC team, was one of the organisers. This year in Venice members of the JESC team met with young academics and prominent speakers in August 2018 who reflected on the life of faith in the context of current political issues in Europe. Besides that, the JESC Director offered silent spiritual retreats based on Scripture and the Constitutions of the Society of Jesus to managers and CEOs. Finally, JESC launched its own online newsletter on leadership called “The Leadership Post.”

The Director, Social Apostolate Coordinator, he participated in events and delivered talks and presentations at a number of events such as the International Alumni Congress of priests and seminarians in Brussels. He also condusted an extensive survey among the social delegates, organized the annual meeting of delegates, and began rebuilding the Social Centres network.