The ELP as a gateway to the job market


An editorial to the January edition of Leadership Post

Those who are in their 20s, after their graduation but before catching an employment contract, well, they are at one of the most vulnerable transition periods in their youth life. Usually traineeships fill this gap. Perhaps more – and some of them might not be reimbursed. It is an unpredictable and quite unstable situation for any young person. 


The ELP Fellows are exceptional: the 95% of them have found a job shortly after they graduated! What a pleasure for us to witness such a rate of success – and this is greatly due to the net of friends, mentors and supporters around JESC and ELP. Their advice, their tips and push certainly can contribute a lot.

The recruitment of the 2021 Spring Cohort has kicked off in this vain. Four traineeship placement are accessible via the ELP Fellowship. This can happen, in turn, because the partner institutions know they receive quality. ELP is attracting young professionals with diverse backgrounds but at the same time, with shared values and motivations. CIDSE , UCSIA and Management Centre Europe (MCE) are offering four vacancies through the ELP spring semester. Thank you! 

It was also the first time on 28th January that ELP had been invited to introduce the programme at the joint Job Fair of the Trainee Committees of the European Commission and the European Parliament, with more than 170 participants, Bluebook and Schuman trainees amongst others. We are proud and glad to be official partners of such a Fair where exhibitors are Politico Europe, the big consultancies, lobby firms and non profits like UNDP, OSCE, EIB and many-many others.

If anywhere, postgraduates need most support during this transition period from the university bench to their first employment. That is exactly what European Leadership Programme (ELP) is doing! Please encourage applications: the main deadline is 15th February, early bird deadline 31th January! 


Botond Feledy
JESC ELP Manager & Secretary for Leadership