1. Peter Rožič SJ

Peter Rožič SJ has been JESC’s director since September 2017. He also acts as Social Apostolate Delegate for the Conference of European Provincials. A Slovenian national, Fr. Rožič holds a PhD in Political Science from Georgetown University. Before arriving in Brussels, he was an assistant professor at the University of Ljubljana and rector of the Residential College in Maribor. See his Curriculum Vitae.

Email: peter.rozic@jesc.eu

2. Martin Maier SJ

Martin Maier SJ is JESC’s Secretary for European Affairs, a role involving networking and relationship building with individuals and groups within the European Institutions. Previously Fr. Maier was  editor of the magazine “Stimmen der Zeit“, rector of a European Jesuit Formation Centre, and pastor to a rural community in El Salvador. An expert in the theology of liberation, he is a guest professor at the Central American University.

Email: maier@jesc.eu

3. Edmond Grace SJ

Edmond Grace SJ is JESC’s Secretary for Justice and Ecology, a role involving training, editorial and research work on integral ecology and the promotion of justice. He studied law in Trinity College Dublin and Columbia University. He has lectured on law and political theory and  is on the Advisory Group for Ireland’s National Dialogue on Climate Action. He is Coordinator of the Venice Faith & Politics Workhop.

Email: edmond.grace@jesc.eu

4. Anders Holstborg

Anders Brøndum Holstborg is JESC’s IT and Strategy Officer. A Religious History Major from Copenhagen University, he has worked as an administration trainee under the European Parliament’s religious and non-confessional dialogue secretariat, as a website assistant for the Danish Bible Society, and as course lecturer at the Danish Public University.

Email: anders.holstborg@jesc.eu

5. Eleonora Vitale

Eleonora Vitale is JESC’s External Relations and Development Officer. She coordinates the Communication circle and oversee the creation of the public relations strategy. Eleonora holds a bachelor degree in International and Diplomatic Science from Università degli Studi di Trieste, and holds a Double Degree Master’s in International politics and Economic Relations from the University of Macerata and in International Public and Business Administration from MGIMO University, Moscow. She has experience as a member of a youth NGO in project development and fundraising. See her LinkedIn profile. Email: eleonora.vitale@jesc.eu

6. Botond Feledy

Botond Feledy is currently serving as the Secretary for Leadership at JESC, in particular, managing the European Leadership Programme. He worked in the Hungarian province of the Jesuits as rector of St Ignatius College, later as director of the Institute for Social Reflection.  In 2017 he was elected as member of the #NewEurope100. He is juris doctor, alumni of SciencesPo, GMF, IVLP and DAAD. See his LinkedIn profile.

Email: botond.feledy@jesc.eu

7. Donnel Nkurunziza

Donnel Nkurunziza is JESC’s Accounting & Administration Officer, working within the organization to provide financial services and administrative assistance to the various programs of JESC. He holds a Bsc in Accounting and Information systems from Virginia Tech (USA) and has worked for Cisco’s EMEA team in Belgium and the European Commission as a Financial Officer.

Email: donnel.nkurunziza@jesc.eu


Alba Requejo Hernández

Alba Requejo Hernández from Spain is the Content and Social Media Assistant at JESC. She is working in the Communication Strategy and reporting on external events and conferences. Alba holds a Double BA in International Relations and Translation and Interpreting (EN and FR) at the Universidad Pontificia Comillas in Madrid. She was previously volunteering in Romania as part of the European Solidarity Corps and has two years translating experience at an aeronautical consultancy group, amongst others.

Email: alba.requejo@jesc.eu

Zsófia Voda

Zsófia Voda is the Assistant of the European Leadership Programme, connecting the Fellows and the core team of JESC and liaising with the guest speakers. Previously she worked as a Project Manager of non-formal education projects in Slovakia at TANDEM, n.o. She holds a Master’s in Teacher Training in Hungarian and English Language and Literature, and she is passionate about community building and volunteering.

Email: assistant@jesc-elp.eu


Jaka Kranjc

Jaka Kranjc is JESC’s European Leadership Programme Assistant Coordinator. He runned the ELP on a day-to-day basis, and assisted in coordinating relations with institutions, academic partners and applicants. He is currently finishing his Master’s degree in political science from the University of Ljubljana.

Carolinne Silva

Carolinne Rapiso Silva was JESC’s Marketing and Events Assistant. She worked on developing marketing strategies, social media campaigns and event planning. Carolinne has a Bachelor degree in Translation of English and French and a Master degree in Marketing, both from University of Aveiro, Portugal. She is passionate about Human Rights, Event Management and Communication.

Maria Verdugo Martin

María Verdugo Martin is JESC’s Justice and Ecology Research Assistant, was working on ecology and sustainability. She studied International Relations and Translation & Interpreting at the Universidad Pontificia de Comillas in Madrid. Previously, she worked as a Public Affairs intern at Kreab in Spain and as a translator for a Jesuit publishing house in Mexico City. She is passionate about politics, EU affairs, lobbying and advocacy.

Ricardo Zaragoza

Ricardo Zaragoza is JESC’s Photography and Video Assistant. He worked on communication strategy, promoting the activities of JESC externally through pictures and videos on the social media channels and our newsletters. He has a Bachelor Degree in Advertisement and Public Relations from the Catholic University of Murcia. He is a professional photographer and he has a long experience working for youth projects and NGOs in Spain.

Susan Dabbous

Susan Dabbous was JESC’s Communications Assistant. She worked on the editing of JESC newsletters and the coordination of internal and external communication activities. Susan has been the Middle East Correspondent for Avvenire newspaper and has a degree in Political Science from La Sapienza University in Rome. She’s the author of several publications, including “La ragazza di Homs”, a novel about Syrian refugees. Before focusing on the Middle East, she spent time reporting on migration, environment, racism and integration.

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