A valuable learning experience


An editorial to the June edition of Leadership Post


The Graduation Ceremony will wait for you online as well as offline. For those being in Brussels, please join us in person on 2nd July at 6PM and register here. Those being abroad can follow the formal part of the Ceremony online on the social media page of ELP.


The first round of interviews kicked off for the 2021 Fall Cohort! This time, we opened a special call for 2022: our partner UCSIA together with USOS has made a 12-month research-focused Fellowship available between March 2022 and 2023 for a Global South candidate, anywhere from India, Africa or Latin-America. 

The final evaluation sheets and feedback forms are being prepared for the current cohort, their mentors and coaches. We learn immensely from their experiences and comments. This is how ELP gets improved in each semester: we digest the experience and integrate as much as possible into the next edition; while keeping up the structure of the five segments and the greater mission to serve the European common good and to enhance social justice on the long term, by offering this formation for young future leaders across the continent. 


Botond Feledy
JESC ELP Manager & Secretary for Leadership


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