Faith Organisations and Food Policy: a new research report from JESC


What does faith have to do with food policy? Extensively, concludes the latest research report from JESC. Faith-Based Organizations and European Food Policy is the result of research that began in July 2023 and sought to examine the involvement of faith based organisations across the European Union and their involvement in sustainable agriculture and food systems. 

This study recognised over 150 organisations from various religious denominations across Europe and discovered an impressive array of organisations. Not only were these organisations varied in their work with the land, communities, research and involvement with the global south but were also varying in size.

Whilst many of these organisations are involved in advocacy towards an EU level it is not so coordinated. The report argues that these organisations have a unique and grassroots voice to contribute to in the EU food debates concerning the Common Agricultural Policy, trade laws and others. 

The report is available to view here and was written by JESC Ecology Officers Béla Kuslits and Colm Fahy with contributions from ELP intern Teresa Pallarés Ramos. 

This report provides the foundations for the creation of a network called Our Daily Bread, of Faith Based Organisations advocating on the topic of food systems and sustainable agriculture at an EU level. 

Please contact Colm Fahy ( if your organisation is interested in hearing more about, or even consider joining forces, to this new JESC initiative.

Click here to download and read our report