Future Generations Conference

Representing the rights of Future Generations in the legislative work of the EU is an opportunity that brings a long-term perspective to our political thinking in the age of the poly-crisis. Europe was always a long-term journey, never complete but an ongoing experiment in political imagination. Are we on the pathway we want to take? What future are we building for our children and grandchildren? In the age of climate change, rapid digital transformation, geopolitical uncertainty and environmental destruction the fate of Future Generations is increasingly uncertain. 

In response to these pressing concerns, JESC, in collaboration with Université Catholique de Louvain and the University of Barcelona, is organising the Future Generations Conference on 3rd of October. The conference will provide a platform to explore this political idea with an interdisciplinary lens, inviting the best scholars, civil society, and EU officials on stage. 

The discourse around the topic has been strongly re-emerging both globally and in Europe. Given the current context of the 2024 EU elections, the framing is particularly timely, although not entirely new. Solidarity between generations is already outlined in the Treaty on the European Union (TEU) as well as the Charter of Fundamental Rights. Furthermore, we have seen good practices across the world, such as Hungary appointing its Ombudsman for Future Generations, or the Parliamentary Committee for the Future in Finland. 

The United Nations is also preparing for a similar move: in its upcoming UN Conference on the Future, the appointment of a Special Envoy for Future Generations is among the highly anticipated proposals.  

The goal of the conference is to explore and discuss how Future Generations should become represented in European decision-making. What are our political options to address intergenerational conflicts? How is society thinking about its long-term future? Is it legally, and ethically possible to represent them in the political process without their presence? What new methods, laws and processes are necessary to address these questions?

The conference will be part of JESC´s efforts to bring together voices from across Europe working for the cause. In February 2024, JESC established the network of the Future Generations Initiative, which kickstarted its campaign by publishing its manifesto. Since then, the network has doubled the number of its members, and rallied supporters across the political spectrum. To demonstrate the feasibility of our proposals, we published a legal analysis on intergenerational justice in EU law.

Please download the preliminary agenda of the conference below.

For the moment the registrations are based on invitation only. Please let us know at eniko.feherekova@jesc.eu if you’re interested in participating, and we’ll get back to you at the beginning of September.