Official Launch of the Future Generations Initiative


It was almost a year ago that we introduced our project on Future Generations. It was a long intellectual journey, in which we analysed the relevant academic literature and institutional models, consulted with old and new partners and worked on our policy document and strategy. 

In September 2023 we made our final decision to convene a campaign coalition to implement this goal. Soon, we joined forces with The Good Lobby with whom we now co-lead this process.

In February, we launch our coalition to promote this important mission as we approach the EU elections and the next political cycle begins. This diverse group of NGOs are working together to convince decision-makers that the time to act for Future Generations is now.

We believe that there is an urgent need for the EU to use its powers to protect its long-term interests. Science is clear about the grave risks to humanity’s stability and prosperity. We are witnessing a planetary crisis caused by the interlinked problems of climate change, biodiversity loss, and pollution. Beyond these trends, digital transformation, an ageing society, and declining democracy all further aggravate our lives in the long term.

The time has come to protect the interests of Future Generations with binding legal safeguards as a matter of EU law. The challenges we face are essentially intergenerational. Our failure to take timely and ambitious protective measures will likely deprive our descendants of a liveable planet and a democratic society.

Such intergenerational conflicts are the Achilles heel of democratic decision-making. Despite long-term interests being fundamentally at stake today, youth and Future Generations have no representation in the EU’s democratic decision-making model.

We will launch our campaign on the 21st of February in Atelier 29 from 16:00 to 18:00, where we introduce our coalition partners, explain our policy requests and invite our friends and allies to support our effort.We invite you to join the event, please register at this link. Soon, we will be in touch to confirm your in-presence participation, as the venue has limited capacity. Otherwise we’ll invite you to watch the livestream. If you are not in Brussels, you can already register directly for the live-streaming of the event.