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Women leaders: Europe for her 

TweetThe gender pay gap and the glass-ceiling are harsh realities for many European women. Yet, they represent only one side of the medal, the external perception of the society. What […]

Brexit: bad leadership endgame

TweetIn the dark times of Brexit when uncertainty is rampant, the common urgency is to shed light on an issue which seems local but is deeply overarching for its political […]

Religion and Human Rights – Article 17

TweetOn the 4th of December, the European Parliament held a Dialogue Seminar on the topic of Religion and Human Rights, hosted by the First Vice President of the Parliament, Mairead […]

Passion for Europe – Remembering Crisis to Heal Division

Tweet2017 is a year of anniversaries. In the face of current crises, Europe will do well to remember its previous responses to challenges, says the new JESC director, Peter Rožič […]

Passion for Europe Group Text

TweetRediscovering the European common good The following is an adaptation of a contribution authored by “Passion for Europe”, a group of Catholics of seven nationalities. Coordinated by JESC the group […]

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