Together for Climate Justice

May those taking part in the Conference be strategists capable of considering the common good and the future of their children, more than the short-term interests of certain countries or businesses

- Pope Francis on COP28 in Laudate Deum


Welcome to COP28@Home, your gateway to the 28th Conference of the Parties (COP28) in Dubai where world leaders unite for two weeks of crucial climate discussions. This UN conference is pivotal, given the urgency the entire world is experiencing in what regards climate change. Pope Francis’s recent apostolic exhortation Laudate Deum underscores the significance of COP28 in shaping a sustainable future for all. 

Are you curious about climate justice, have interest on how COP28 operates, or look for ways of how to get involved? COP28@Home, prepared jointly by JESC, Jesuit Missions UK and the Jesuit Centre for Faith and Justice, seeks to inform and advocate on important climate issues up to and during the upcoming COP28.

Act now - Write to your elected representatives!

How can you act for change from your home? We invite you to take the simple action of writing to your elected government representatives. Copy and paste the template letter below and email or post it to your Government, Member of Parliament, European Union MEP or COP28 Envoy, to ask for strong action at COP28 (see Useful Links section below to find relevant contacts). If you receive a reply, let us know at 


Statement of the Ignatian family: Committing to a South-North Climate Justice Advocacy

The worldwide Ignatian community has come together to issue a statement reinforcing climate justice commitments and outlining crucial demands for COP28. This declaration includes the endorsement of numerous individuals and institutions, such as the Presidents of the six Jesuit Conferences, numerous Provincials, the Global Ignatian Advocacy Network on Ecology (Ecojesuit), the Social Justice Ecology Secretariat, and more than 100 dedicated members of the Ignatian Family. 

Bulletin News

From the beginning of November we’ll be publishing weekly news about different topics around the COP. These news will turn into a daily brief during the COP days, due to happen between 30th November and 12th December. Subscribe above to receive it directly in your mailbox.

Welcome to the first edition of the COP28@Home bulletin. This is your chance to explore the themes and news of this important conference from the comfort of your home. This week take a walk through the history of this conference, to see where it has succeeded and failed in the past, and what this means for COP28. Read it here.

This week we explore Pope Francis’s latest apostolic exhortation, Laudate Deum, and share with you two statements of global solidarity towards COP28 from faith leaders. Read it here.

What is loss and damage and why is it important? The causes and impacts of climate change are widely accepted. We know that more carbon pollution in the atmosphere, primarily from the burning of fossil fuels releasing carbon dioxide, leads to an overall increase in global temperatures. Read the rest here

Food is deeply embedded in our cultures. Not just historical tradition, but geography defines what we eat, how we eat, and what strategies are available to us if we want to transition to sustainable food production. Interestingly, “relocalisation” of our agriculture is the very definition of sustainable food for many people in Europe and beyond. It seems to be a question then: why is this topic so important at a global conference? Read here

The time has come and the first day of COP28 has begun! After a month of looking at the general themes of the conference, now we turn to report daily on the negotiations and dealings of the world leaders at this incredibly important summit. Today is the opening day, and in many ways is a formality. An opportunity for high level speeches and a welcoming address from Sultan Al Jaber, the Conference President who is also the CEO of the UAE’s major oil company. Read here

The rhetoric of the Opening Day did not disappoint with the opening speech from the president of the UAE, Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahya, calling for a “quantum leap” in climate action. This was followed up by UN Secretary-General António Guterres urging countries to “make Glasgow promises reality” and deliver on their commitments to reduce emissions and adapt to climate change. Read more here

The first weekend of COP28 was predictably busy and kicked off with the Food Declaration which was issued on Friday. The declaration, which represents the first time that world leaders have made a declaration on food, emphasises the need for sustainable agricultural practices and investment in climate-resilient food production. Read more here

Yesterday the press headlines were dominated by a careless sound bite from COP president, Sultan Al Jaber, who reportedly claimed that there is ‘no science’ behind demands for phase-out of fossil fuels. Despite his claims that this was misinterpreted, the revelation that there are a record number of fossil fuel delegates at the conference, demonstrates the contrasting differences at the conference. Read more here

A short update for yesterday as there were “few, if any, new declarations or funding announcements.” Read more here.

Recap from Yesterday: Multilevel Action, Urbanization and Built Environment/Transport Day. Conference delegates will be enjoying the rest day today after the intensity of the first week of COP. There was however no sign of anyone ‘running out of steam’ yesterday as Ministers from around the world gathered to discuss strategies for making cities more resilient to climate change and reducing their emissions.  Read more here.

Today, which focuses on ‘Youth, Children, Education and Skills’ is a fresh start after yesterday’s rest. While there is little action to report from a closed COP there has been plenty of analysis on what has occurred over the first week. Read more here

Get the recap of the weekend in 1 short read: 

Over the weekend at COP28, discussions were buzzing with notable moments. Read more here

Today is officially the last day of COP28 and is the most crucial day of the conference. The reason for this is that delegates will finalise their discussions and preparations in order to adopt a comprehensive outcome document. Read more here.

After intense negotiations and a roundly rejected initial text, COP28 President Sultan Al Jaber confirmed a milestone agreement this morning, pledging a transition away from fossil fuels—the first text in 28 conferences to explicitly address this. While celebrated, criticisms linger, with concerns about the adequacy of the commitment to phasing out fossil fuels and addressing climate finance. The agreement emphasizes the importance of actions over words, and as global reactions and analyses unfold, the true impact of this historic decision will become clearer. Read in detail here.

A couple days after the end of COP28, read the final reflection piece here.

COP28 Guide

COP gatherings may not be easy to understand. Read our COP guide to grasp the basics, namely why this COP is so important, terms often used in the current climate discussion, and the Jesuit hopes for the conference.

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Pray for change


Accompany COP28 with the force of prayer! Our Prayer Guide, written by Xavier de Bénazé SJ and Fabian Moos SJ, uses the daily themes of the COP as inspiration for meditation, and provide community prayers for the Sundays (starting 18th November) leading to the event.


Our askings for this COP


JESC, along with our partners, Jesuit Missions UK and the Jesuit Centre for Faith and Justice (Ireland), is asking that COP28 ensures progress on Loss and Damage, makes food systems a priority, and prepares the transition for a better future.