European Democracy in a Time of Confusion Webinar


We invite you to join us for an online conference organized by Passion for Europe on the topic: European Democracy in a Time of Confusion.

This conference introduces the onsite series of discussions organized by the group Passion for Europe that will take place in the spiritual center La Pairelle between 16th-18th September 2022 in ???? Namur, Belgium. (

To overcome the violent crisis in Europe democracy had to cross frontiers. For eighty years now European democracy has developed, strengthened and stayed strong to a multitude of crisis scenarios. Unbelievably today war is back on the continent and a global pandemic still holds grip on societies and their economies alike.
In an environment of fading trust in democratic institutions, new technological developments not only bring new opportunities but also carry risks that weaken the foundations of our modern society in the EU today characterised by diversity.
Misuse of private data, disinformation or even governance by artificial intelligence drive a wedge between the private and the public sphere leading to disintegration in a time humanity needs to integrate given the tremendous global challenges ahead. In this time of confusion we need to reinforce our dialogues and to engage in our values.

In particular, the workshop in La Pairelle will serve as an unusual space to discuss these major challenges ahead with experts, including members of the EU institutions and religious organizations, fostered by participants’ from various backgrounds and countries. Join us to discuss new ideas for future perspectives for the EU as the only transnational deliberative democracy and its role in this world.

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