Franck Janin SJ visits JESC


Franck Janin SJ, the President of the Conference of European Provincials, visited JESC on March 2nd to meet with collaborators and to discuss JESC’s mission in the European Union. The visit took place in Collège Saint Michel in Brussels.

Peter Rožič SJ, director of the Jesuit European Social Centre, opened the visitation with an introduction about the challenges presented by the year 2020 and how, despite the crisis, JESC and many Jesuit Justice work grown stronger.

Past the introductions, Fr Franck discussed the mission of JESC in the European Union and reflected about the Universal Apostolic Preferences:

“I would like to remind you about the second Universal Apostolic Preference because this is the door to enter in all other Preferences. To walk with the poor, the outcast. Those who mission was violent are in their mission of reconciliation. By walking with the poor we realise that our home is not an welcoming home for everyone. When you walk with the poor, you will meet the ultimate questions of life: dead, evil, suffering, hope and faith. And this is when we touch the question of God.”


Franck Janin SJ also reflected about Saint Ignatius of Loyola, who had to change all his dreams after being shattered by a cannonball in the Battle of Pamplona in 1521. This reflection open an door to meditate on the Ignatian Year (May 2021 – July 2022) as an opportunity to renewed our hope by (re)discovering a new apostolic enthusiasm inside ourselves.


Encouraged by
Fr Franck, the team reflected on ways to improve in order to grow JESC mission in the European sphere. After the group reflection, each team member had the opportunity to talk in private with Fr Franck.

The JESC team thanks Franck Janin SJ for encouraging us to keep going with high hopes and renewed energy.