Keeping the momentum


An editorial for the June edition of the Leadership Post

The team of the European Leadership Programme has learnt a great deal about humility from the experience of the pandemic. We learnt about the limitations of our actions and their influence, to face the unexpected time and again, as well as to reflect even more regularly. This allowed the Programme to grow further despite all the challenges.


Thanks to the generous contribution of the French-speaking Jesuit Province, a fully renovated house for the Fellows will be ready for the inauguration of the Fall Cohort of 2021. This will raise the number of ELP Fellows to twenty, from the current fourteen. The programme expands incrementally but steadily.

One of the most positive surprises of the pandemic period was the strength of the alumni in Brussels. It was incredibly heartwarming to witness and support the several programmes they continued to undertake, their support for each other’s well-being, and other efforts. At the last occasion, ELP Fellows and Alumni visited together the Cathedral of St. Michel and St. Gudule with the guidance of Auxiliary Bishop Jean Kockerols.

In order to keep this momentum going, you will see further communication from ELP. A fundraising campaign will be launched for furnishing the new house, you will receive an invitation to the Graduation Ceremony of the 2021 Spring Cohort for the 2nd July at 6PM in the International Press Club, and we will also brief you about the Jury Session of the Research Papers, to be held on 26 June 2021 in the old Jesuit quarters of the University of Antwerpen. I remain grateful for your support and presence with ELP and hope to see you in person at one of our events very soon. 

Botond Feledy
JESC ELP Manager & Secretary for Leadership



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