Roberta Metsola elected European Parliament president

EP Plenary session - Election of the President of the Parliament
On January 18th, Roberta Metsola was elected European Parliament President, with 458 votes out of the 705 MEPs in Parliament.


As First Vice-President she had also the responsibility for implementing Article 17 dialogue. The Jesuit European Social Centre (JESC) has had several opportunities to work with her in the Dialogue with Churches, religious associations or communities, philosophical and non-confessional organisations. Moreover, Mrs. Metsola and her team have been supportive of our European Leadership Programme (ELP) and beyond. Finally, Roberta Metsola is a Jesuit alumna who attended the St. Aloysius College in Malta, taking part of the wider community of Jesuit alumni living and working on European affairs in Brussels.  

On behalf of JESC and ELP, as well as the Jesuit Alumni of Brussels (JAB) we express our sincere congratulations to the new President.

We look forward to continuing this fruitful collaboration with JESC and JAB for the common good as well as the young people of the ELP and other Brussels-based Jesuit works, under the inspiration of the  vision and values for Europe.

Luciano Laviera

Secretary for European Affairs