Can the Amazon rainforest be saved?

In the context of the Amazon Synod, the question of the impact of humankind on nature has been put forward. On Thursday 24 October, the ELP Fellows had the pleasure […]

Shabka is my family

Lukas WANK, the director of Shabka, was thinking a lot about how to engage people in critical thinking. He worked as a conflict analyst, a political advisor, a civil engineer, […]

ELP Meets Commissioner Violeta Bulc

On October 17, the European Leadership Programme Fellows met with Violeta Bulc, the Transport Commissioner of the Juncker Commission. The one and one-half hour long discussion gave us plenty of […]

Stratagem Simulation Game – When Union is Strength

On Sunday 13 October, the ELP fellows, together with other participants, attended a seminar  titled “Call to Public Life”. We had the opportunity to get involved in the “government” of […]

From the ground to the sky

The Call to Public Life  On Friday October 11, the ELP Fellows and Jesuit Alumni met together to open a week-end seminar on “The call to public life: reshaping Europe”.  […]

Living in Amazonia

‘’You would not believe, but you can sense the breathing of the trees in the sides of the Amazon River ” EG: Juan Diego Galaz, at a certain point in […]

Throwing statues in the Tiber

A hatred of the unfamiliar is endemic to humanity. It is part of our fallen nature. Instead of trying to assess a situation in terms of the people affected and […]

A Journey through the heritage of Central Europe: Bratislava 1989-2019

Thirty years since the fall of the Wall, here in Bratislava, the feeling is still strong about the changes that this historic event and process brought to Europe. The international […]

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