Learning to serve God and the Common Good

Combining career development with spirituality: The European Leadership Programme is a unique project in Brussels. “I was looking forward to a programme inspired by the founding Christian democratic fathers of […]

Cyclone Idai, Thousands are still waiting for help

“Tragedy is a tool for the living to gain wisdom, not a guide by which to live.” These words from Robert Kennedy continue to ring true and give hope in […]

Spiritual Training for Leaders and Businessmen

Being up-to-date with the latest novelty is of key importance for leaders for their job and requires a lot of work during their private time. We too often forget that […]

Climate march, a new ’68?

Many people are comparing the recent marches against climate ‘inaction’ to what happened in the 1960s and they are drawing hope from it. What they want is not bound up […]

An old house for new ideas

Ten years ago the Alvim Family inherited the family farm, Casa Velha, from their parents. This was where they spent their childhood. Casa Velha – ‘Old House’ – is situated […]

Finding God in a Leaf

“Finding God in a Leaf” was written by Brian Grogan SJ. It is a series of guided meditations written as short daily paragraphs, leading to a deep understanding of the […]

Discerning the answers to populism and Brexit

Talking about ‘good discernment’ sounds as if you mean making good decisions. But it is much more than that.  It’s about changing our whole way of thinking – and eventually […]

A long journey with EU youth

Sometimes we talk to young people, really listen to what they say?  In the adult world, young are taken seriously only if they are IT geniuses, sports stars or potentially […]

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