Sustainable Schools: A JESC Guide for Schools to Design their Ecological Transition


As the world grapples with an unprecedented ecological crisis, schools have emerged as powerful catalysts for sustainable change. Schools not only can reduce their environmental impact but also nurture eco-consciousness and shape the mindsets of future generations.

Recognizing this pivotal role, the Jesuit European Social Centre (JESC) presents “Sustainable Schools” – a comprehensive handbook designed to empower schools in their journey towards ecological transition. This practical guide offers a step-by-step approach to help schools assess their environmental impact, develop tailored sustainability strategies, and implement effective measures across key areas such as energy use, food, mobility and biodiversity protection.

From establishing eco-governance structures to integrating sustainability into curricula, this handbook provides schools with the tools and knowledge needed to become agents of positive environmental change. By offering both theoretical frameworks and concrete action proposals, JESC aims to inspire and guide educational communities in their efforts to create a more sustainable and just world.

Download the “JCI – Sustainable Schools” guide here.

The JESC Carbon Initiative aims to accompany faith-based institutions and communities in their ecological transition advancing carbon management, promoting sustainable practices and providing integral climate and environmental formation. Learn more about this project at: