Towards a New Paradigm of Economics


“The COVID crisis makes us aware that we have to rethink and to reshape our present economic paradigm to take account of the poor, the natural environment and future generations”, explains The Macao Manifesto, when addressing specific actions to achieve wellbeing for all.

Martin Maier, JESC Secretary for European Affairs, was one of the contributors of this year’s Symposium presenting “Ignacio Ellacuría and a culture of shared frugality”.

The Manifesto identifies three platforms for economic transformation and specific actions to begin moving towards a new paradigm of economics. The Macao Manifesto offers a synthesis of thinking towards the New Economic Paradigm based on the The Macau Ricci Institute International Symposium 2020, that took place between 15 and 16 of October.

Read the manifesto here: The Macau Manifesto