A new year brings a new initiative for us here in JESC

Farmer in sugar beet field

We are a Jesuit work and we are linked into a wider network of Jesuit works not only in Europe but around the world. The Fourth Apostolic Preference – to collaborate with gospel depth in the care of our common home –  was presented last year by Fr. General. It has provided a new momentum for Jesuits and associates with a commitment to integral ecology to come together.

In other parts of the world this takes the form of responding to challenges whose effects are all too present. In Europe the challenge is not so much one of external crisis, but of personal motivation in response to what often is a distant and future reality, if no less real for that. More and more people are responding by changing their lifestyle or by engaging in acts of solidarity and advocacy on behalf of people in other parts of the world. Many in the Jesuit network have taken up that challenge – in the various social centres, the third level institutes, in schools and parishes. 

They identify with the Fourth Apostolic Preference and they draw inspiration from Laudato Si’ but there is another resource which has yet to be tapped – their solidarity with each other in the Ignatian family. For this to happen they must first be in contact with each other, which is why JESC is launching Ecojesuit-Europe. Ecojesuit is a global network which sets itself the task of ‘connecting Jesuits, people and ecology. Ecojesuit-Europe has been in existence for a year and  is now welcoming new members.

  • Who is Ecojesuit-Europe?  People who identify with the Society of Jesus in Europe and are looking for ways to collaborate in the care of our common home. 
  • From many different places – From Lithuania to Portugal, from Ireland to Lebanon.
  • Doing all kinds of things – In a school, a parish, a social centre or a third level institute or any other kind of engagement.
  • With one purpose – Inspired, by Laudato Si’ and the Fourth Apostolic Preference, to collaborate with gospel depth in the care of our common home.
  • Seeking Solidarity – Hearing from each other, inspiring each other not just in Europe but in the global Ecojesuit network of which EJ-E is part.
  • Rooted in prayer – Prayer for each other in EJ-E. makes room for the Spirit in all our doings and only the Spirit can bring true focus.

If you want to join Ecojesuit-Europe contact edmond.grace@jesc.eu 


Edmond Grace SJ
Secretary for Ecology

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