Fr. Edmond Grace SJ and EP First Vice President Mairead McGuinness

On the 28th of January, at the European Parliament, in the framework of Parliament’s Article 17 dialogue with religious and non-confessional European organisations, First Vice President Mairead McGuinness called on JESC Secretary of Ecology Edmond Grace SJ to briefly present developments in the Common Home Dialogue that was first announced at a the meeting on 25 September. Fr. Grace has worked with Mr. Willem Vriesendorp of Sustainable Public Affairs and a number of business leaders on a Charter for Change. It aims to bring business and the Church together around the theme of ‘integral ecology’ in line with the Green Deal.

The Charter will be completed shortly and then presented to the new Commission and the new Parliament.

You can see a recording of the entire livestreamed Dialogue Seminar here

Fr. Grace’s contribution can be found here:

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