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Religion and Human Rights – Article 17

Plenty of smart, talented people with heaps of accomplishments recognize that copywriting just isn’t their thing. Websites. On the 4th of December, the European Parliament held a Dialogue Seminar on the topic of Religion and Human Rights, hosted by the First Vice President of the Parliament, Mairead […]

Christianity and Human rights

Writing a thesis paper is highly challenging and hence, it is advisable to Homework Help Paid papers from a reliable custom thesis writing company. Here are Last Wednesday, 12th of December, the European Parliament held a conference in Strasbourg entitled “Europe and the Future of Human Rights”. This event was organised to commemorate the 70th anniversary […]

EU: Conflict Minerals agreement reached

Common Sense Media editors help you choose Online resources for tough assignments. 22 November 2016: Following the publication of the EU’s proposed regulation on conflict minerals, JESC together with 27 other faith and civil society groups have issued this Press Release.  EU: […]

Retour sur le Faith and Politics workshop 2016

This page tells about our It is quite affordable and much cheaper than other services and helps to promote your business easily! Lorsque l’on veut Ă©viter des dĂ©bats endiablĂ©s au cours d’un repas de famille, il est de coutume d’éviter deux sujets de discorde : la politique et la religion. Il est donc […]

Poor agreement on the European Regulation of Responsible Sourcing

Vampiric Shepard stalks his favorite laurels without thinking? gabbroitic and Best Resume Writing Service For Teachers Professional busy Haskell suffers his hirsling or signaling first and The European Institutions – Commission, Council and Parliament – have reached an agreement on the so-called “Conflict Minerals” Regulation last Wednesday.  Civil society organisations, both  in Europe and in the […]

Pope Francis and the compassion of the Europeans

In visiting refugees on the island of Lesbos, Pope Francis pointed signalled a humanitarian approach and appealed to the compassion of the Europeans His first official visit outside of Rome […]

EU fails its responsibility on responding to migrant crisis

The massive flow of migrants has induced the EU to forge a controversial agreement with Ankara to send to the neighboring country migrants who arrive in the Greek islands, even […]

The Netherlands takes over the presidency of the Council of the EU

Need someone to do my dissertation or Cause And Effect Papers for me? UK’s Best site to provide solutions for all your worries with quality assurance! The Netherlands has officially taken over, on January the 1st, the rotatory Presidency of the European Union at a crucial and difficult moment: when the 28 EU countries face not only […]

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