The Ideal Team Player by Patrick Lencioni

Book review by Gianmarco Palermo for ELP Team


Becoming a leader is a long process and requires a deep knowledge of teamwork and management. As well, being a leader is also being a good team player and giving example to all the team/the whole team. For those reasons in this edition of the Leadership Post, we recommend you a brilliant reading written by Patrick Lencioni and finding out if you have the features to be the Ideal Team Player. 

Lencion’s books and best-sellers are taken extremely seriously by the critics and Lencioni’s models are famous all around the world. His simple style and clear English helped people from different groups and backgrounds. The models are applicable to different situations and businesses. Moreover, his ideas are expressed very clearly in all his writings.

The Ideal Team Player is divided into two big sections: “The Fable” and “The Model,” which are brightly connected to each other.

“The Fabel” is an intriguing story about a team that is struggling in a very hard moment. In a team, which is losing faith and competency, a young leader needs to find out how to hire a new Executive member for his team. This decision will affect the business and will be crucial for the future of the company. Which is the right person to strengthen the team? Which qualities does he or she need to have? Those are the questions that the CEO, with the team, will have to answer to in order to save the business.

The second part is “The Model,” an explanation of the qualities that the Ideal Team Player should have. After having carefully explained these qualities, Lencioni writes about the different combinations of these and how every worker can improve them and become a team player. Finally, the last part of the model contains a self-assessment test which will help the readers to understand which qualities they have and which are the areas of improvement they should work on.

Reading this book is a must. Personally, it gave me the chance to understand what a team player needs to have. The self-assessment test also, if done properly, gives the readers all the information on how to improve those qualities and get the best from their talents. 

Do you want to know if you are a team leader? Find it out by reading “The Ideal Team Player”.