“Romero is key for the pontificate of Pope Francis”

Martin Maier

On Tuesday 20th, the Cervantes Institute in Brussels, together with the Embassy of El Salvador to the EU, held a screening of the documentary about Archbishop Óscar Romero, martyr who was assassinated while offering Mass in 1980.  Following the colloquium, three experts commented on the documentary: Gianni Beretta, director of the film; Julian Filochowski, Chair of Romero Trust; and Martin Maier, JESC Secretary for European Affairs.

Beretta noted that “The idea of the documentary was born a month after Pope Francis was elected.” The full-length film lasts 81 minutes. Producers are adapting it for television,  the rights to which will be sold to public broadcasters throughout the world.

“I am moved and grateful,” said Maier after watching the documentary: “It gives the heart of Mr. Romero: his heart was the people.” “I share Romero’s view: I have known God better because  I have known the salvadorian people,” stated JESC Secretary for European Affairs who spent several years in El Salvador.

© Joan Calvet

Commenting on the documentary, Maier noted that “we can see a conversion and a change by the grace of God either in the Church as in Oscar Romero.” “The key event in the history of the Catholic Church is the Second Vatican Council. A Church that opens to serve the world and that wants to resemble more to Jesus. Monsignor Romero is a model, a paradigm, of the evolution of the Church. He is .”

Julian Filochowski said: “This movie is the best painting of his ministry. There are other good movies or videos but this is extraordinary. There’s no error or deviation, and it is fair.”