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    Our mission and vision is to advocate for a more just Europe that addresses the modern challenges in light of our christian values of law, human dignity and common good. Your donations support our advocacy campaigns to help those in need as well as our formation efforts with our Ignatian-inspired European Leadership Programme (ELP).



    We have four Secretariats, each with a distinct area of action and responsibility:



    Our Leadership Secretariat is responsible for the Ignatian-inspired European Leadership Programme (ELP), a formation programme that combines politics with spiritual reflection and coaching sessions. Our aim is to form the leaders of the future.


    Our European Affairs Secretariat advocates for justice within European organisations and is inspired by the Jesuit mission for reconciliation on social issues and environmental protection.



    Our Ecology Secretariat supports the advocacy work on integral ecology of Jesuits and partners under the umbrella of Eco Jesuit and promotes ecological conversion and a sustainable lifestyle within the Jesuit reality and identity.


    Our Justice Secretariat coordinate and assist the four Justice Networks of the Jesuit Conference of the European Provincials (JCEP), as well as the Social Justice and Ecology Secretariat (SJES) in Rome.


    How you can support us? We appreciate every donor and supporter who helps to keep our mission in Europe alive. You can help us through bank transfer, PayPal or through the King Baudouin Foundation (KBF). Visit our Donations page to find out more.