The sentence ¨If you give space for spending time with others, magic will happen¨ was shared by a Jesuit Alumni at the Closing Reflection that marked the end of the Call to Public Life (CtPL) workshop. Edmond Grace SJ led a discussion of reflecting on the impressions of the weekend. He started by addressing the importance of values such as Solidarity, conscience and reconciliation to set a favourable ground for Public Life to flourish.

The cosy atmosphere of the Collège Matteo Ricci enabled an interactive discussion that set a communitarian stand between the participants. The Jesuit Alumni were actively engaged in sharing their thoughts on what they had sensed during the Seminar. The question that closed the session was ¨What do you worship?¨ We reflected on what makes the Community thrive and what we consider silver linings for a Community to be united and collaborative. The keywords from the CtPL Seminar were, within others: Joy, experience-sharing, trust, solidarity, hope and genuine curiosity.

Alba Requejo Hernández
Communication Assistant